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Evasio travel

Online travel through Evasio travel.

Evasio, a travel agency in Namur (BE), needed an elegant website that would take visitors on adventures through their offerings.

The challenge was to create a website that invites people to travel while highlighting all the facets of their travel offers.

Charlotte Jeuniaux - Mockups sites web responsives - Evasio
Charlotte Jeuniaux - Portfolio Evasio
Charlotte Jeuniaux - Portfolio Evasio
Charlotte Jeuniaux - Charte graphique Evasio
Charlotte Jeuniaux - Portfolio branding Evasio

The Project

I designed a website that inspires adventure and escape for this client, offering an immersive experience for travellers while presenting their offers in a captivating way.

I also designed the travel agency’s entire graphic charter, as well as a number of visuals for their communications.