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A graphic design project to bring out the best in Akan weavings from the Ivory Coast.

Opouko, founded by Lenaic Bladi, is dedicated to showcasing the work of the talented Akan weavers of Côte d’Ivoire. Opouko is the point of convergence between Europe and Africa, offering exceptional interior textile products. My role was to create a press kit that showcases Opouko’s products, including cushions and home textiles, while reflecting the elegance and sobriety of the brand.

Charlotte Jeuniaux - Opouko

The challenge was to create a press kit that would highlight the beauty of Opouko’s products while remaining true to the company’s brand image.

It was essential to communicate the authenticity and quality of Akan weavings, while presenting Opouko as a cultural bridge between Africa and Europe.


The project

The press kit served as a powerful communication tool to introduce Opouko to the media, potential customers and partners.

It promoted the history, quality and elegance of the products, while establishing the brand as an important player in the promotion of African craftsmanship and Akan culture in Europe.