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Lux african Market

A graphic identity to promote African culture in Luxembourg.

For the second year running, the Lux African Market has returned to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This major event celebrates the rich culture of Africa in Luxembourg.

I had the honour of working on the visual promotion of this event, in collaboration with the LIKABA team.

Charlotte Jeuniaux - Design textile Lux African Market

The challenge was to create an attractive visual identity that embodied the diversity, vitality and authenticity of African culture.

The poster had to reflect the festive and contemporary spirit of the market, while remaining true to Africa’s cultural roots.

Charlotte Jeuniaux - affiche Lux African Market

The project

The Lux African Market has benefited from a dynamic and captivating visual promotion that attracts visitors while highlighting African culture.

The colourful, contemporary posters contribute to the festive atmosphere of the event, making it a must-attend event in Luxembourg to celebrate African cultural diversity.