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Lina Fiandaca

A “100% writing” website for copywriter Lina Fiandaca.

Lina Fiandaca, a former journalist and communications specialist, now works as a freelance copywriter, copywriter and author.

She wanted a website and logo that reflected her passion for writing.

Charlotte Jeuniaux - Mockups sites web responsives - Lina Fiandaca

The challenge was to create a colourful website that would showcase Lina Fiandaca’s talent, while highlighting the importance of writing in her work.

Charlotte Jeuniaux - Site web Lina Fiandaca
Charlotte Jeuniaux - Lina Fiandaca
Charlotte Jeuniaux - Charte graphique Lina Fiandaca

The Project

I developed a dynamic, colourful website that emphasises the ‘writing’ dimension, with visual elements such as a blank page strewn with words in cursive script and some highlighted words.

I also designed her graphic charter and some elements of her communication.