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BMC² videos

Interviews for the Walloon entrepreneurial project BMC².

The Centre de Didactique Économique et Sociale (CeDES) at the University of Namur (Be) contacted me to bring the BMC² project to life with the aim of promoting the tools developed in collaboration with Wallonie Entreprendre (WE) and its “Générations Entreprenantes” initiative.

The project consisted of a series of video interviews highlighting various aspects of the Canvas business model (CBM), including value proposition, governance, societal performance and financial profitability.

These interviews, conducted with passionate entrepreneurs, aim to enlighten listeners on the ins and outs of the business model.

Charlotte Jeuniaux - Mockup Vidéos BCM2
Charlotte Jeuniaux - Mockup Vidéos BCM2

The Project

I edited several interview videos, ensuring that the sound was flawless. Tracking was applied to follow the movements and ensure a smooth visual experience.

I also created and configured a dedicated YouTube page to host these interviews, allowing for easy distribution and accessibility.

The project has resulted in a series of informative and engaging interviews that highlight key elements of the Business Model Canva (BMC). These videos are available on the YouTube channel, while the project website features them.